Tuesday, 30 September 2008

In Heaven (or Hell): An Occasional Cartoon Series

I'm going to try and post one of these every week. I always wonder what it might be like in the afterlife, with all those dead celebrities hobnobbing. "Dead Celebrities: Now Up To 90% More Interesting Than Live Ones!" I didn't want to make any character judgements though, so I'm never going to say whether I think they're in heaven or hell. If you want, you can say purgatory. That might require slightly more knowledge of Catholic dogma than I have time for, though.* I think people get too hung up on trying to guess what the afterlife is like. As far as I'm concerned, Heaven is a nightclub, and Hell is a place in Norway.

#1: Freud meets Oedipus

(click for bigness and legibility)

*Not really true, I actually find Catholic dogma pretty interesting, even if my karma does run over your dogma.

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